How do I transform a Pizzabol into the perfect pizza?

Step 1


Remove the jar from the freezer at least 1.5 hours before baking. Immerse the jar with the lid in hot water to just below the rim and let stand for 1.5 hours. Make sure no water can reach the Pizzabol. Once the Pizzabol has thawed and risen, you have one hour to work the dough smoothly. You can always place the Pizzabol in the refrigerator to slow the rising process.

Step 2


In the meantime, set the oven to the maximum grill setting.

Do you have a pizza stone? Preheat the stone, preferably as close to the grill as possible (+/- 10 cm), so it gets really hot.

Step 3

Preparing the dough

Toss a full hand of flour (or semola) on the dough ball in the jar. Also, sprinkle 2 hands of flour on your countertop. Remove the Pizzabol from the container and drop it into the large flour pile. Be generous; you can shake the excess flour easily off later.

Turn the whole ball of dough periodically in the flour (bottom becomes top). Do this about three times. Crush the dough ball centrally with your hands, pushing the air evenly to the outside. You should not flatten the last centimetre forms the edge. All the air will collect there nicely!

Step 4


Shake the excess flour off the dough and place the pizza on a pizza peel.

Hint: Sprinkle some flour on your pizza peel so the pizza slides better. Test if the bottom glides enough before topping. It should not be sticky anywhere at the bottom.

Toppings on top! Note: use a maximum of 3 tablespoons of sauce, otherwise your pizza will be too wet.

Tips: Mix Canned whole San Marzano tomatoes with oil, pepper and salt. Search for dry buffalo mozzarella for the ultimate result. Drain the mozzarella in slices.

Step 5


Slide the pizza from the pizza peel to the griddle or pizza stone.

Bake on an oven tray or pizza stone that has preheated for at least 15 min on the hottest grill setting, 10 cm under the grill, until golden brown (a few minutes). Bake with the grill on. Make sure the grill glows when baking. Place the stone lower in the oven if the bottom is not yet cooked but the top is.

Do you have a pizza oven? Then bake the pizza at 350~400 degrees.